Frequently Asked Questions

What is British merch?

British merchandise refers to promotional products that are produced, assembled or branded in Great Britain.

Is British merchandise made in Great Britain?

Yeah, items are produced here in Blighty. When purchasing British merchandise, you should check labels or descriptions that specify the country of origin.

What are some popular British items?

Promotional items are often used by businesses and organisations in the UK for marketing and branding purposes.

Keychains, bags, mugs, umbrellas, calendars, notebooks, water bottles, lanyards, phone accessories, travel accessories, coasters, sustainable and eco-friendly items. Here are some examples:


Hey! Pots.

Perfectly imperfect and everyone unique. Small concrete pots to house a variety of plants or even a candle. Once you’ve forgotten to water the plant and it`s died you can use it as a pen pot or to hold your odds and sods. Even the packaging is well thought out and mail safe. With a choice of stony colours and a laser engraving of your branding this lovely little pot makes the perfect addition to a desk or windowsill.



From a second-generation family-owned factory in Northampton the E-leather range is a UK made recycled leather that can be made into a variety of promotional merch. Most notably the Recyco Notebook is 100% post-consumer wate and recyclable.


Brummy Bottles.

Plastic is not the devil. Made into something indefinitely reusable and ultimately recyclable it makes an ideal material for sports bottles. Add the combination of full-colour, full wrap around printing they make great, useful, promotional give aways.

What are the minimum volumes I can order?

In today's uncertain world nobody wants shelves full of redundant stock. British factories manufacture from just 1 piece in some cases. Meaning you don't tie up ever-shrinking budget.

Are British products delivered on time?

When you’re really in a bind who’s there to save the day? British merch.

Some products can be branded and delivered next day!

No customs delays, no sea freight, no cancelled flights.

Countless times, a superstar supplier has thrown goods in the boot and delivered them in person to meet a deadline.

Can I personalise British merch with my own designs or messages?

Yeah, here are some common ways you can personalise British merch:

  • custom printing and engraving: You can often add your own designs, artwork, or messages to clothing items like t-shirts, hoodies, and hats through custom printing services.
  • custom embroidery: Some merchandise items, especially textiles, can be embroidered with your designs or text to create a unique and personalised look.
  • custom artwork: For artwork or posters, you can often request custom designs or messages to suit your preferences.
  • personalised mugs and drinkware: Personalise mugs, glasses, or other drinkware with names, a message, or even a photo.
  • customised bags: Tote bags, backpacks, and other bags can be customised with your preferred design or text.

What is the typical price range for British merchandise?

The price range for British merchandise can vary widely depending on the type of product and its quality. Basic give-aways and accessories may be relatively inexpensive, while high-quality or custom items can be more expensive.

Is British Made Merch environmentally friendly?

No air miles, low land miles, low impact, state of the art factories, British compliance, more renewable energy. Yes, in a nutshell, it doesn’t get much better.

Why is British Made merch is best?

‘Made in China’ adorns just about everything you can see.

Once a symbol of progression, value and quality its reputation slowly deteriorated. Increased competition, rising labour costs and growing regulation all lead to ‘product fade’. A phenomenon where quality declines over time to maintain a price point.

A shift to demand for home-grown products have driven investment in British manufacturing again and the result is high quality, reliable, compliant and lower environmental impact than imported alternatives.

Are British-made products more expensive than imports?

The cost of British-made products can vary depending on factors such as production methods, materials used, and labour costs. While some British-made products may be more expensive, others can be more cost effective than imported goods. Quality, craftsmanship, and other factors can also influence pricing. Where it may not compete on price it far outweighs the competition on speed, accuracy, quality, sustainability, flexibility and conformity

Can British-made products be found in international markets?

Yes, many British-made products are exported to international markets.

The United Kingdom has a strong global presence in industries like fashion, luxury goods, and technology. British Made Merch is viewed as highly desirable in overseas markets as a sign of quality.

Do British-made products have better quality than imports?

You can be assured the products are made to some of the highest standards in the world. British-made products are often associated with high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.